Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Consolation prize: blocks

We got to watch an unusual show today.  Our neighbors had two trees cut down.  I guess I've never watched a tree cut top down before.  I really appreciated the skill those guys need to do it properly and safely.  And thanks to my new friend Ed and his crew we now have these amazing round aspen blocks for stacking.  I asked if they could cut some of the tree trunk pieces into 2 to 6 inch chunks for us and their chainsaws were happy to oblige.  The trees were actually in our neighbors yard and offered us a good deal of shade.  Now it's got me thinking about all the energy costs for cooling our house this summer... you know, if we actually used air conditioning.  I was planing to plant living screens in front of our south facing windows with TALL plants  anyhow.  Now it seems more pertinent.  Alas the yard seems barren without those trees.  They will be missed, but they just weren't safe anymore.  I've never lived anywhere so windy.  The wind rips though here and you'd think the roof was going to blow off.  Hasn't yet!  But the root systems for those trees were too shallow and we were worried they'd come down.  Guess we'll have to plant something new to take it's place.  Oh the possibilities...

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  1. We had a similar experience last year. Our neighbor had on dead and one dying Elm tree both about 60' tall and about 3' in diameter. We now have sun in our backyard for most of the day. We still have our Oak of similar size that helps in the afternoon.

    Our neighbors left the trunks up, put a beam between then and have a cool swing set now.