Saturday, July 31, 2010

We also stopped at Crater Lake

Crater Lake is one of the most breath taking places I have ever been. Phil and I actually startled the girls with our gasps of awe when we saw the lake for the first time. Phil took the plunge into the ice cold lake. I might have joined him if I had had my swim suit. He of corse is too cool for a bathing suit. Underwear was just fine for him. We took the girls down the steep hike to the lake. There is only one access point because the walls of the crater are so steep. All in all the hike was almost three miles. We ended up carrying Nonie a good deal of the way but Lil is turning into quite the hiker. Dipping our feet (or bodies as it were) in the cold lake at the bottom took the edge of the heat of hiking down. We also stopped at the lodge on the rim of the crater. Nice views there but my favorite point was the no climbing on the roof sign. Guess it snows a lot there.

Heading down the coast

We took a few days to drive and camp down the pacific coast to the Bay area in California. Along the way we visited with old friends, played at the beach, saw giant old trees and did some laundry.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Camping on the Olympic Peninsula

We spent a few days camping at Mora, a campground on the Washington coast. Mora is a stone's throw from Rialto beach which is at the mouth of a river running into the Pacific ocean. It has beautiful sea stacks and GIANT old driftwood logs.

This giant old tree - roots and all - had washed down the river and back up to shore at some point. It made a great place to climb and play.
Sully's Burgers in Forks WA is where I got a lovely case of food poisoning. I don't recommend food poisoning while camping.
Ah the 'Twilight' phenomenon in Forks WA. ( I would just like it to be known that I have not seen the movies or read the books). The first time I drove by this sign and saw girls posing with it I thought they were odd for posing by a fire danger sign. Then I actually read the sign and took a photo myself.

An all too short visit...

...with our friends on the Kitsap Peninsula. I have not seen most of these kids in the three years since we lived here. It was a great deal of fun to see how they have all grown.

On the Ferry

We spent a couple great days in Seattle with Phil's cousin Erinn. Then we headed across the Puget Sound for the Kitsap Peninsula to visit some friends there.

Woodland Park Zoo - Seattle WA

The Woodland Park Zoo is one of my favorites. We fed giraffes and birds and saw all kinds of neat animals. We also got to meet up with my old friend Shannon.

Pendleton Woolen Mill

Second breakfast: waiting for the wool mill to open. It doesn't always pay to get up early.