Sunday, March 21, 2010

The sap is running

I took the girls to a maple sugar house today. It's been a funny year for sap because of the warm weather, or so I was told by Matt at Rathbuns in Whitehall, NY. We went for breakfast and to learn about their maple syrup production process. We got to watch the raw sap run in at the other end of this large hopper (above). Then it goes through four tanks, the last of which is the one you see on the right. Once it's done he opens a spigot and the syrup runs into a bucket. Then he takes it to another machine to filter it. Once it's filtered they put it in big 50gal drums to store until they bottle it as needed throughout the season.
These are bottles of each years samples going back to about 2002. There were a few samples from each year.

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