Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Christina Katerina and the Box

Upon finishing the book Christina Katerina and the Box for the second time I was asked for big boxes. "But I don't have any big boxes" I told Lil. "Well one from the basement then." That girl is far too observant for her age and she knows me too well. (I always have at least a couple boxes in the basement) So now my girls are decorating boxes in the kitchen. I do believe that is an indicator of a great book. One that gets carried positively into a child's play. Now I'm off to cook dinner while that positive play lasts.

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  1. That was (and IS) my FAVORITE book from childhood! Mom used to read it to me all the time and I'm pretty sure it went on all our road trips (hence it's current condition). I just knew the Lil and Nonie were the perfect little girls to appreciate Christina Katerina. Give them my kisses and when you move, make sure to keep a couple of extra clothing boxes for them to play with in Colorado.