Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"My beautiful Mama"

Tonight was one of those nights where I just wanted the kids to go to bed. I really needed some time to myself. And I was tired and cranky to boot. So naturally the girls would not go to sleep. Why does the world work that way I ask you? Anyhow, I was getting ready to pull out my hair when Lil finally fell asleep. Nonie however was holding out for sunrise. So I lay there next to her and told her it was time to sleep. She continued to kick off the covers and make chirping noises. In general just not settling down. I was really beside myself now. In fact I was broiling on the inside when she touched my face and said "My beautiful Mama". She said it a few times in fact. She puts beautiful in front of a word when she really, really likes something. Sigh.... the girl knows how to melt a cranky mama. And yet again I learn patience from my girls. They are an endless wellspring of lessons. Good night.

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