Monday, April 5, 2010

Sushi Chef

When I saw this chef hat pattern in Meg McElwee's book Sew Liberated I had to make it. I've had this sushi fabric kicking around for a while and I knew I'd found the perfect project for it. For the apron I just drew a pattern on some paper and cut it out. Both the hat and apron are reversible. I tweaked Meg's hat pattern just a bit. I didn't have fusible interfacing on hand so I decided to use this beautiful green fabric on the inside instead. I mean some days a kid might not feel like being a sushi chef. I also encased elastic in fabric to join the hat at the back instead of the velcro she suggests. I felt like that gave the hat just a bit more room to grow into.

And then there's the sushi. I knitted up these pieces for when we don't have any actual sushi on hand. (We do make vegetable sushi for dinner quite often in our house). This fabulous pattern is from Needle Noodles on Etsy.

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  1. oooo, so glad you could make some for your girls!! After you described the hat and sushi to me that you made for the fundraiser, I was hoping you'd have pictures... and now your kids are the sushi chefs themselves! fun! Beautiful knit toys that look oh-so-durable too. Love it.