Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's day pants - Reused flannel sheets project one

The pillowcases from the sheet set I acquired earlier this week were the perfect size to make pants for the girls. I used a fitting pair of pants for my pattern. The largest size I made was a good solid size 6 so I imagine you might be able to get an 8 or even a 10 in short pants or with a pretty patterned cuff to make them longer. I cut one leg from each side of the case. These pants were made in only five seams because I used the outside edge of the case and the hem as seams for the finished product.
I sewed the pants together at the belly button to crotch seam first. Then opened them up, pressed the seams and pinned to sew the inner leg seams.
Once that was done all I had to do was sew an elastic case at the waist and thread the elastic through. I initially cut the waist big and cut the elastic a little long so I can let it out later and the pants will fit for longer. I'm envisioning some nice patterned cuffs being added next year to make them longer as the girls grow in height. I stitched some heart patches on the pants too. Just to make them festive. I used scraps of felted wool and cashmere sweaters.

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  1. So clever!!! I wish I had some flannel pillow cases floating around now!