Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three's a charm

So I may have mislead you a while back when I posted my 'favorite' bread recipe. In fact it would be my favorite bread recipe if I ate wheat. I do make that recipe often for my husband. And boy does it smell good. Going wheat free has made me miss bread like no bodies business. But 'NO MORE!' I have found a wonderful wheat free recipe (it also happens to be gluten free). I've made this bread three times now and finally perfected it. It is the perfect squishy, homemade bread. It is what I've been missing. I did tweak the recipe a bit for my own tastes. I used honey instead of sugar and I replaced the sweet brown rice flour with plain brown rice flour. I'm just not a fan of the texture of SBR flour. This is bread the whole family likes. Hooray!

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