Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Has it been two years already?

Happy Birthday to Nonie! I cannot believe this wee one has turned two! She is no longer a baby. And really hasn't been for a while now but this birthday solidified that for me. She has turned into quite the little person. It is beyond joy to watch her develop her own character. And what a character she is!

She is playing with her mama made birthday gift. The pattern for this fantastic log and accompanying critters came from Anna Hrachovec at Mochimochi Land. But the pattern can be found on Knitty here. When I saw this little toy at the house of some friends I just couldn't resist trying it out. I managed to find the pattern on Ravelry (Oh how I love Ravelry) and the rest was history. While the pattern is pretty easy it still took longer than I thought it would. Perhaps that was because I could only work a few rounds at a time. I stuffed ours with wool instead of the suggested polyfil.

We made a divine gluten free carrot cake from Gluten Free Mommy. I recommend it even for all you regular eaters out there. She suggests browning the butter which gives it some wonderful extra flavor. And the icing well... As she says just looking at the cake will make you gain a pound.
Crafting for gifting has taken off with the younger generation of the household. This is a ??? not actually sure what it is. Lillian made it for her sister. It is fabric from her fabric bag that she sewed together with needle and thread. And you know it doesn't really matter what it is. Just that she felt the need to create something for her sister as a gift for her birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Nonie! Awesome Lillian. They grow up way to quickly. I need to save this page somehow so I can make that log and critters for Philip whenever I can get around to knitting again.

  2. Your creativity really is inspiring, Anna. Yay for Ravelry (I love that site)! and Yay for your beautiful girls!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sidonia! I was thinking of her this week!!