Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another stab at some Elizabeth Zimmermann patterns

A couple years ago I knit up a couple baby surprise sweaters. The pattern is by Elizabeth Zimmermann, a true goddess in the knitting world. After the sweater I thought I'd try some more of her stuff. I got a book from the library, took one flip though it and gave up right there. Her stuff is mathematical and can be a bit heady. Well I've been inspired to try again. I took a quick e-trip over to School House Press and found this sweater pattern. I may have also purchased a swift in the process... I have lusted after one for so long. The price was right. And to top it all off I've requested a couple EZ books from the library. I might as well dive in head first right? That said, don't hold your breath for a pic of a finished sweater. I have a feeling this one might take a little while.

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