Sunday, October 7, 2012

First grade

The one thing I've regretted about homeschooling this year is Lillian missing the waldorf tradition of the rose ceremony.  In waldorf schools children don't approach the academic portion of learning until first grade.   At the start of the school year the whole school attends a ceremony welcoming the first graders into academics.  It is a beautiful ceremony where the child walks up to the teacher with her parents on either side and is welcomed to first grade and given a rose.  Afterward the teacher tells some version of a story about a child or children wishing to learn and how they find a teacher to teach them. 

I've been thinking about having a rose ceremony for Lil ever since we decided to home school.  Life has been chaos lately but marvel of marvels it just happened to come together today.  We found roses and strawberries at the farmers market.  (She had requested strawberry shortcake for the tea after the ceremony.)  We all dressed up and our own little family had a rose ceremony in the back yard.  It was short and simple and beautiful and I was rather pleased with my story.   Welcome to first grade Lillian!  

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