Monday, October 22, 2012

Going home

It had been more than two years since I'd been  home to the place of my childhood.  My folks have come to see us, but somehow we have managed to stay far, far away from small town Michigan.  Fall seemed like the ideal time to travel home.  It's been, well, two years since I've seen good fall colors.  Here in sunny California the weather seems to be pretty much always the same, though I'm told they have a rainy season.

The trip there was long.  We left in the dark, took a car, a plane, a plane, a car and arrived in the dark.  But the air was crisp and smelled of fall.  How comforting to be home in the fall.  Being home involved all kinds of wonderful time with my folks.  We played madlibs, the girls played with my old barbies, Lillian helped grandpa split logs with his fancy new log splitter.  Mostly we played outside.  We collected milkweed with Nana, watched twenty sandhill cranes down the way at the pond, fed horses and breathed the fresh air while running, running, running thorough the big, huge back yard.

Can you imagine though that I walked out the door without my camera?!  It was actually in the glovebox of the car but in those wee hours of the morning I was just thinking of getting to the airport with all three kids and car seats and luggage.   I realized this travesty on the plane but then I remembered I had this great little device I like to call the iphone.  It's a new acquisition.  I was forced at gun point to purchase it when we entered Silicon Valley.  Okay that's not true but it really did take me a while to get on the smart phone wagon.  Anyhow, I wasn't in love with the shots the iphone camera takes so I found Instagram.  It's got some fun little filters that make the photos not quite so terrible.  I do like the old-time-y feel to them.  Seems fitting for going home right?!  I think I'll mostly post photos this week.  Happy October!

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