Friday, September 7, 2012

On being the new kids

Okay so you'll see me put on a good face about moving.  And most of the time I do feel that way.  But in all honesty being the new kid is hard some times, okay most of the time; at least in the begining.  You don't know anyone, you don't know where stuff is, you get sick, you get lost.  And you tell yourself: "relish in being a little bit lost and a little bit bored and a little bit lonely because in a few months it'll be in the past and you'll be so busy you won't have any down time."  You tell yourself it'll all be great and then you wait for it to happen.  Well yesterday, it really was great!   It was one of those days that makes me say 'yep this is going to be GREAT!  We're really going to like it here!'

Yesterday we spent six hours in the woods and fields of a local-ish park.  Once a week (or maybe twice if we can find the time)  Lillian will go play in the woods, all day; the little wild child.  We've found a group with two amazing leaders and a bunch of six and seven year olds who do just that.  They'll build forts out of sticks and leaves, learn how to build fires, whittle, play games, collect and learn the wild plants and critters, eat without washing their hands first, and learn bird calls, just to name a few.  Lillian is a hard sell on most things new.  But yesterday she didn't want to leave and she can't wait for next week.  One of the other moms at pick up said this is her litmus test for whether an activity is good or not:  how easy it is to drop off and how hard it is to pick up  (as in kiddos can't wait to get there and don't want to leave)  Too true mama!  I think we may have found some kindred spirits at last.

While Lillian was off romping in the woods Nonie, Eoghan and I had our own adventures.  We hiked in the woods too for about two hours.  Then we found a beautifully quite, sunny spot on a hill with a view and a play ground.  We made a 'garden' and 'cooked' food and read books and ate snacks while Eoghan practiced crawling and standing.  It was hard to leave when it was time to go get Lillian we were in just such a good spot.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.  I think we're off for an adventure in San Francisco.  I'll tell you all about it next week. 

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