Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some not so great photos of a great sweater

 Made this Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket for my little buddy Eero in Michigan's UP.  I'd like to tell you a little story of why this sweater was fated to be.   I picked up a skien of this yarn last May in upstate NY thinking I'd make a pair of socks.  With all our travel this past summer those socks never materialized.  Fall rolled around and Eero was born and I found this yarn in my stash but I only had one skein which wasn't enough.  So I went looking for a nice variegated yarn.  I found myself here in CO in Hobby Lobby (which isn't my preferred place to shop for yarn but there I was) and what should I find but a skein of yarn that looked a lot like this.  It was on clearance and I decided to take a gamble.  Sure enough I got it home and it was the same darn dye lot.  Image that!  It took me forever to knit this.  There were other projects in between.  And it was close at the end.  I wasn't quite sure I'd make it.  In fact it was a matter of ten inches.  That was all I had left.  The buttons came off an old H and M sweater.  I love recycling buttons.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this one on the little guy. Beautiful they way the yarn shows off the pattern