Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday morning waffles

Growing up it was Saturday morning pancakes.  Here in this day and age its Sunday morning waffles.  At least since I got my much dreamed about snazzy waffle maker last Christmas.  Waffle morning is now anticipated and much awaited.  Most Saturday nights a typical conversation between a three year old, five year old and thirty-two year old (Phil) includes the line "tonight is Saturday night which  means tomorrow morning is 'WAFFLE MORNING!"  We serve them up many ways: with fruit and whip cream or butter and maple syrup.  Occasionally I'll make fruit syrup with various kinds of fruit heated up in maple syrup.   One thing is certain, two small members of this family always need waffle faces for breakfast.   This particular morning we are enjoying peaches and black raspberries (freshly picked) with a little whip cream.  Hope everyone else out there is enjoying a good, peaceful Sunday morning.

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