Saturday, July 23, 2011

A day fishing in the Rockies

My Dad got us into fly fishing when we were kids.  I've never been 'great' at it but then that really isn't the point is it.  There is nothing like standing in moving water in nature with only your thoughts and the birds and burbling water.

My brother Matt lives in China.  It's been far too long since his last visit.  But finally this past week he joined us for a few days.  I figured fishing in the Rockies would provide some clean air to repair his lungs from all that China, city living.  (And who could resist those mountains?! Not that I'm trying to convince him to move to Colorado or anything...) We spent the day in the river.  This was one of just a few in the area right now that is low enough to fish.  We have had record snowmelt and lots of rain.  Even here we fished from the bank much of the time.  Just before lunch the rain clouds rolled into the valley.  Thunder echoed in between the mountains.  Eventually the rain clouds opened up and drenched us.  It was heavenly.  Nothing like spending a day in a river to refresh the soul.

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