Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The accidental urban girl's Tuesday guide to thrifty and natural living

on Wednesday...(fell asleep with the kids last night)

We all know this but I'm just going to go ahead and say it again: The Library!  We go about once a month in the winter and much  more often in the summer.  When I calculate the  monetary benefit we receive from going to the library I get somewhere between $500 and $800 (depending on the calculator used).  I've belonged to libraries where if they didn't have a book I wanted they would order it for me.  But most libraries will do an interlibrary loan for you.  This is often free but never more than a dollar or two.  Mostly we just like to go and find what we find.  Kids books, craft books and cook books top the list of most common barrows.  But we've also been known to barrow anything from that newest popular read to books on tape and music CDs.  Most libraries also  have programs for children and adults.  We've belonged to libraries that had theater, lamas and chicken programs for children and interesting lectures on art and health for adults.   At the very least most libraries have reading hour for kids once or twice a week.  

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