Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Meadow House

Our next stop was Long Meadow House. It was formerly a farm but the land was broken up some time around 1902 my aunt tells me. Now it is just a giant old house full of secrets and treasures on a small piece of land rather near the sea. As it turns out we don't know the exact age of the house. My aunt has spent a considerable amount of time at the county deed office trying to ascertain the age of the house. But apparently its not as simple as waltzing in and asking for the former deeds. It requires a bit of detective work. She was able to get back as far as 1902 but we suspect the house is somewhat older. Missions for another trip I guess. Our family spent only a day there. My aunt was there all week. She has been tasked with the tedious but fascinating job of sorting through a lifetime of stuff. Her in-laws collected antiques of which the house is full. Her father-in-law liked to collect broken antiques and fix them. I do believe there are upwards of thirty broken dining chairs in the attic. Everywhere one looks there is another nook to explore. The house seems to be full of endless rooms. Really the upstairs rooms just go in a circle the way old houses do.

Truth be told after 20 years of no repairs the house has become a bit of a fixer upper. Oh that I would win the lottery.... But I digress. Phil loves these tin ceilings. I must admit I'm a fan too.

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