Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alewives fabric

We spent this past week in Maine. The opportunity presented itself to visit all our favorite places in Maine one last time so we took it. We went to New Harbor (a place I haven't been in 20 years). On our way we stopped in Nobleboro to visit Alewives fabrics. What a brilliant little shop!! Don't know that I've ever been in such a great fabric shop. My husband and girls found the fish while I was drooling over fabric. They were beyond excited to show me once I had finally managed to detach myself. I had not planed on being there while the alewives were running. What a treat! I love when life gives such gifts.
The seagulls were going mad for the smell of fish. The folks who protect the alewives had nets up over the fish ladder at some points to protect them from the seagulls.

Can you see the fish? I swear they are in there. Ah if only I'd had my polarizing filter I could have gotten a better shot. Next time I guess...

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