Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The power of the north wind

Perhaps I watched too much Captain Planet as a child but I am quite entertained with the idea of donning a crown which gives mythical 'powers of nature'. Hence, the crowns I made for my nephews for Christmas. We had a bit of fun with these before they left the house but sadly I didn't get any photos. I wrapped these crowns up in their accompanying capes before mailing them off. I cut the crown shape out of some very heavy duty wool that I got from A.C. Moore of all places. I wouldn't have even thought to look there had it not been for the suggestion of one of Lil's teachers. I then needle felted the images on. The first crown (in case you can't tell) gives it's wearer the power of the seas. Something along the lines of a King Neptune kind of thing. And the second is The North Wind.

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  1. Oh, you have to come to Kuwait to show me how to make those. Needle felting looks like fun.