Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Lillian

My eldest turned four today. It's hard to believe we met face to face four years ago today. Her Mama made gift this year was a princess and the pea doll, mattresses and peas in a little bag. Like the girl needs another doll right? But she requested this present about a month ago and who am I to deny a homemade present request. I've made this doll before. Which was probably the reason for the request. She is a fun little doll and great for imaginative play.

The crown was a birthday gift from her preschool teacher yesterday. They had a wonderful little celebration for her at school which we were able to participate in. The teacher told a story of a little angel playing up in heaven who one day looked down to earth and decided to come here. So the little angel choose Phil and I as parents and the big angel helped the her slide down the rainbow bridge to us. And then the teacher related a little story about Lil for each of her four years. Then we had a lovely snack and stayed to play outside with her.

We've started a little birthday tradition in our house which has become much anticipated. Last year my mom folded 30 or 40 origami butterflies for us. The night before the girls birthdays after they go to sleep, we hang the butterflies from the ceiling all over the house. It is a magical, colorful thing to wake up to. Not to mention how much it brightens up the house. It gets us through the snowy months of winter quite nicely with a little extra cheer.

Lil's birthday dinner request was chicken soup and strawberry shortcake. I thawed some of the delicious berries the girls and I picked last summer. It was a wonderful reminder of those warm early summer days.

Tonight as I tucked her into bed I said "Happy Birthday Lil" Just to get it in one more time today. And she said "Happy Birthday Mama" And I thought well yes it kind of is my birthday too. After all four years ago today she made me a mama. I do love that girl. She is such a bright spot in this life.


  1. It is your birthday too! Every once in a while I send my mother flowers on my birthday, just to say thank you.

  2. And such a wonderful birth it was! <3