Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Oh boy playdough! After the grandparents left, we needed a little distraction. This one was by request. While at the grocery store we walked by the Koolaid packets which just happen to be at kid eye level. (Isn't that funny! Ah marketing.) Anyway, not to worry my kids only know the stuff as dye. I get a kick out of that. So playdough was requested and it's been a daily staple all week. I cannot believe that red!

Playdough recipe:
1C Flour
1C Water
1/4C Salt
2tsp Cream of Tartar
1Tbs Vegtable Oil (all I had was olive and it worked fine)
1 packet of Koolaid for color (optional)

I mix all the dry ingredients thoroughly then add the water, put it on the stove over a medium/low heat and stir like crazy. It will thicken up pretty fast. When it all rolls into a ball and looks like playdough that needs a little kneading it's done. Then if you have asbestos hands you can knead it right out of the pot or wait a few minutes until it cools.


  1. thanks, Anna!, this is a great idea to make with my Toddler Arts Class I teach every Wednesday morning at work. We used to make playdough with my mom at home, but it took you reminding me of it to spark the idea. Thanks! Does it dye the little hands for a long long time? I am sure parents will ask me that.

  2. Nope, doesn't dye the hands if at all. Maybe a slight bit initially but once it cools I haven't noticed any color coming out of it.