Sunday, November 7, 2010

Help I'm addicted

We had a little ball felting party this week.  I have to tell you rolling felt balls is like eating peanuts. You just can't stop!  We started with white roving on the inside and surrounded it with the colored roving in a large, lose, round ball shape.  Then we used a large dab of dish soap and submersed the ball to get it wet in a bowl full of warm water.  We took the ball out of the water and worked it in a continuous rounding way until the ball was formed, then rolled the ball more vigorously to finish the felting. (Soap is the key, you want a pretty good lather)    

Did I mention we also dyed silks with Kool-Aid and food coloring at the same time?!  To set the colors I used both white vinegar and salt.  They seemed to run clear after a bit of rinsing.

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  1. Your felt balls look awesome! Can you send me directions on how to make these?