Saturday, August 28, 2010

Canning like crazy folks

How, you might ask would one make moving an entire household even crazier? Well by canning I'd say. Tis the season for putting food by. I have decided making a terrible mess in one's kitchen is the best way to welcome oneself to said kitchen. To date we've canned 42 jars of apple sauce, 14 jars of tomatoes, 14 jars of peaces and we've frozen 15lb of sour cherries and 15 containers of pesto. On the docket are pickles, more tomatoes and more peaches. We've been scouring the countryside for the best produce. And we've been lucky enough to find a wonderful little family owned apple orchard near by. The apples are delicious and better yet they are pick-your-own.
p.s. I feel remiss in not mentioning specifically how helpful Phil has been in this picking/canning endeavor. He is a champion cherry picker and pitter which for anyone who has ever pitted a cherry knows it is no small task. We also embarked on a 9 hour apple sauce canning marathon together. Canning with a partner in crime is always so much better! Thank you Phil.

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