Friday, June 25, 2010

With a little bit o' luck, with a little bit of luck....

Somewhere past Lincoln Nebraska (almost in the middle of nowhere but not quite) Phil's car got a flat tire. Or two actually but we didn't know that right away. Well wouldn't you know the ramp he pulled off at had a car dealership across the way. Now I should reiterate the fact that there was nothing around except this dealership and a place selling tractors. It was a Ford dealership and Phil's car is a Nissan but we thought it couldn't hurt to try. So after he got his spare on (the other tire wasn't loosing much air yet) we drove over to check it out. Turns out his tire was shot but by a stroke of brilliant luck the dealership just happened to have two tires that would fit his car. The mechanic started by saying 'I don't know why we have these we don't ever carry tires this size, but they'll fit your car'. So we only lost two hours and the girls got to play in a good Nebraska field behind the car lot.

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