Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Favorite Bread

This bread is so very good and hearty. The girls can't even wait until it stops steaming to grab a piece. It is a recipe that as far as I can tell has been passed from one mothering group to another. I think all recipes should be shared so everyone can share the love. So without further adieux here it is:

Makes 2 loaves:
2.5C hot water (about 115* F)
3.5C whole wheat flour
1/2C gluten flour
1.25Tbs yeast
1Tbs gluten (I usually put in just a bit more)
1/2C ground flax seed

Mix above in order for about 2min (truthfully with little hands helping the ingredients have gone in, in all kinds of orders and this bread always turns out)

1Tbs Salt
1Tbs lemon juice (or lime or orange any citrus)
1/3C Oil (I use olive oil)
1/3C honey (though I'll often substitute molasses in the winter for a darker more hearty bread)

Mix, then slowly add between 2.5 and 3.5 cups of flour. Add enough flour until it scrapes the bowl clean, but no more.

Knead for about 15 min--I let my KitchenAid do it for 10 min or so. Although kneading by hand is much much fun for little hands.

Shape into 2 loaves and place in greased loaf pans.

Cover and let rise until double, or slightly above the edge of the pan. Takes about 35 minutes in a slightly pre-warmed oven (don't forget to turn the oven off while bread is actually rising)
Bake 350*F for about 35 min or until internal temp is 190-200*F

My favorite soup right now goes so very well with this bread (though really what winter soup doesn't go well with bread?) I've been making a simple carrot soup. I caramelize an onion or two (or sometimes saute a couple leeks instead- not brown, just transparent) then toss in a pot with carrots and -just- cover with water. Too much water and your soup will be watery. Cook until carrots are soft. Add a touch of salt and pepper and fresh parsley if you've got it. Blend and serve. Great with above bread and a green salad.

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