Saturday, October 24, 2009

Knitting after breakfast

We found a knit kitty this rainy, rainy morning which I had made for my older daughter a couple years ago. What a treasure it was back then. She loved it to death. It went everywhere with her. She still plays with is sometimes but not nearly as much as she used to. When we found it my younger daughter wanted it. Oh she wanted it! Naturally, even though she hadn't played with it in months my older daughter would not give it up. So I made another one. This is a lovely quick project. Just knit two squares (one half the size of the other). Use a blunt darning needle and the same color yarn to stitch the corners of the larger square together as triangles (one corner equals a foot). Then stuff with wool and stitch up the belly. Sew around the edge of the smaller square and pull together, stuff with wool and bind off. Sew the head to the body and pull the ears up out of the head and stitch into place. Then pull four stitches up on the backside and knit a tail in the round. Tada! a cat to be loved and adored. Now we're off to the farmers market before they run out of eggs.
Its as simple as this. Two knit squares. One half the size of the other.
New and old kitties lounging on a pillow. When I made the old one all I had for stuffing was some Kool-aid dyed wool hence the pink sticking out behind the blue yarn.


  1. Anna!
    these are darling! What a fantastic project!! And sounds like very quick for you. (would take me longer) :-)
    great photo two of your knit kitties. Lucky little girls you have!

  2. oops, meant great photo of the "TWO," "TOO!" : )
    i can spell, I'm just sleepy.

  3. Hey I think Philip has a Kitty like that!